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L-3 ComCept is focused on three major business areas - 1.) ISR Networking, Analytics and Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) Solutions, 2.) Operational Intelligence Planning and Employment Solutions, and 3.) Advanced Apertures and Antenna Solutions. Our ISR Networking, Analytics and PED Solutions business develops advanced wireless Network-Centric Warfare concepts to enhance the use of ISR assets, by creating networked multi-INT, multi-domain and multi-security collaborative systems. Our Operational Intelligence Planning and Employment Solutions business provides the right decision-critical information to support near realtime and forensic decision making through multi-source data prioritization, visualization and dissemination. Our Advanced Apertures and Antenna Solutions business provides load-bearing conformal antenna design, as well as micro and miniature reconfigurable beamformers with true time delay for covert or aerodynamic requirements.